Score, ten points!

So one of the programs I ran died after I left, which is super sucky and I haven’t been feeling too great about it lately. Especially because I felt it did a really good job while it was in place, and it had a lot of potential for doing more good work in the future. (Also, I worked it out with a grant that the program would have seed money this year, so now it’s just sitting there, doing nothing.)

BUT I just had one of my students, who is now a senior, email me about wanting to run the program herself as an after-school club.

I’m so proud. Even if it doesn’t work, I think it’ll still be good.

(PS: By the way, I put together a lot of materials for that program to make it really easy for any school to run. Yes, this is a shameless plug, but I think I might do a little write up about it in a few days if anyone wants to think about doing it. I am more than happy to help. It’s a service-learning program.)